Should I edit EHBX or should the devs delete it?

@Henrik @Kilt_McHaggis @Ksisky I would post this on slack but I can’t right now

EHBX turns out in IF as a square runway when it should be a helipad:


Thoughts? No polls :)


I think it should be deleted. I don’t think the devs plan on having Helicopters or similar anytime soon.


Considering there are no helicopters in IF, it’s basically useless!

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I believe we decided that we would delete it because it really isn’t an airport. @carmalonso?


We always fix helipads. i.e KPSP doesn’t have the helipad tool applied, I believe @Ksisky fixed that :)

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Does it have a runway though or it just a helipad?

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Its just the helipad.

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Shouldn’t his be in #developer

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Done and done :)

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@JFKPlaneSpotter101 I was talking about this with Cameron a while ago, it is already a heliport, since Aug’ 2015. As per convention heliports don’t render in IF, but this rendered. Cameron found why a while ago and he probably has removed it by now.

In order to remove this from IF, matt needs to remove the airport from the regions-list-of-airports.

Btw this is the real EHBX,

last change to the file 8 months ago by @Swang007


We can always rename the airport (X)EHBX to avoid confusion until it is removed?


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