Should I do it?

Ok so I gonna go sleep in 40 minutes. Then, I got some an idea. Should I place my iPad at night on no volume and minimum brightness and do London - Sydney flight OR Ottawa (has atc)/New York - Sydney flight (Through europe, asia). Or do nothing. (btw I go to school today and it will just be on autopilot all day)


I’ve done it before. It’s really up to you. If you do, however, remember to use the long haul low power mode.

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Alright. But would you choose London - Sydney or Ottawa - Sydney? (through europe and asia)

Just to clarify what @TRDubh said, enable Low Power Mode on the app but
turn on your IPads Low Power Mode, it increases the crash rate of the app


I would personally choose London to Sydney if I had to choose one of yours. I would do Perth - New York if I could choose anything.

Alright then.

Ok ima go do it. I will send pictures of how I am doing when I wake up. Cya

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my infinite flight crashed when I was flying behind Indonesia and almost was flying over Australia. I guess I will do the same next weekends.

Infinite Flight’s low power mode isn’t enough to support a long-haul flight like that on its own. Before every flight, soft reboot your device. This ensures it is running at peak performance. On top of that, look through your photos and delete any screenshots or other photos you no longer need.

Alright, I will do it and Saturday again so I will arrive with ATC.

My device crashed at the exact same spot for two times as I reached 21 hours and 23 hours respectively.

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