Should I divert?

I’m currently descending into YBCG Gold Coast on expert server with 85kts winds, Should I divert to Brisbane or can anyone please suggest options.

You can divert to the closest airport. Wheres is your position by the way? I might can help you :)

YBCG , Gold Coast, Australia, Almost on final.

carry on landing!

When you get lower the winds will go down if not "you can always go around "


Thanks, I’ll attempt but my aircraft is rocking like a washing machine.


@Hussein_Zreik what are the surface winds at the airport?

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It looks like the surface winds are only 8kts so the wind should begin to die down before you land…


Suprisingly it droped to 8kts.

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Should be a smooth touchdown.

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Could have been a short connection error.

Safe landings!

Thanks, You too.

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Seatbelts on and stay calm as long as the aircraft is not in severe turbulence. Normal turbulence is not dangerous if everyone is seated.

For the landing only the winds during final approach and the surface winds and their respective direction + turbulence in final are relevant regarding wind conditions in Infinite Flight.