Should I divert with 119kts winds

Hello Guys, I’m currently cruising at 37,000 Feet on expert server just above the south coast of turkey and can find that my aircraft is struggling to remain stable as I’m cruising through 119kts winds. Should I continue to Beirut or Divert? I’m confused as to what I should do.

you should decrease your altitude. if that doesd not work try diversion

Ok, I will try to descend to FL320.

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Decrease atitude. Aircraft hop between different altitudes every time.

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that should work.

You could just climb/descend to a different airport. 119 knot winds should be okay, as there’s always going to be some wind. I don’t recommend diverting unless you think it’s necessary, so that would be a judgement call. If, there were 119 knot winds on the ground, then I’d divert.


A change in altitude would help! If all else fails and the winds are still that high, and you wont make your desired because of fuel, then I think it would be best to divert.

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119 knot winds is nothing. Unless your weather is broken, you won’t have 119 knot winds on the ground. No reason to divert.

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The weather at FL370 is completely different to the conditions you’ll experience on approach. Check the METAR for your target airport, if you believe your fuel is insufficient for a couple of go around and later diversion, and the METAR looks scary, divert.

Under normal circumstances, if your fuel is sufficient, you should attempt the approach and make a judgement call on final and go around if you don’t feel confident about the approach.

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Thanks for all the support guys, As I tried different altitudes nothing seemed to work. I decided to continue onto Beirut as I only had 15 minutes until arrival. The approach seemed fine, And I’m glad I made it onto the ground safely.

Once again, Thanks for the support.

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I can’t believe no one has said this yet, but check out next time as it has live winds at different altitudes to help you plan better. Always a favourite of mine.


Also, if you’re worried about your aircraft flipping over due to the wind, and not about fuel, rest assured in my 5k hours of flights I’ve only ever had one disengagement of autopilot due to wind, it was a day the weather server was down and I was facing 270 knot winds at FL100.

I’d personally divert but I’ve flown the 717 and E170 in 140+kt winds and you know how bad those get tossed around in IF.

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