Should I create an IF Fan-based website?

Should I do it? I plan to post my own edited photos of IF, maybe some updates, etc. Not sure if it will be a good idea, but should I try?

I’ll let you in on a little secret————— you’re already posting on one right now! Welcome home.


Yeah, I planned to do that, but unfortunately they now prohibit photoshopped pictures :/

Well, this isn’t really fan-based, but sure ;)

I wouldn’t really suggest doing that as the forum covers all those aspects and serves as a main hub for users to share, gets news, and ask questions. A suggestion if you want to share your pictures outside of the forum is perhaps creating an Instagram or social media account sharing your content and journeys.

Gotcha. Understood!

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Go ahead and go to your browser, and type in:, that should take you to the right place.

For seriousness, if you want to share your edited photos, an option is a discord server or something similar.

Or, (I’m sorry, I forgot your username) often posts in the #screenshots-and-videos category, and links an Instagram account dedicated to IF photos. You could do something similar.

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