Should I contact some one else?

So hi, I want to be an IFATC and contacted @BluePanda900 4 month ago, after that I was like ghosted and had some stuffs to do and didn’t contacted him for about 3 month. And 4 day ago, I contacted him if I can be an IFATC. He is not replying. And I checked the updated recruiters and found that @BluePanda900 isn’t an Recruiter now. I know he has his life but Should I contact one of the new recruiters? Or should I wait until he says something?
Thank you.

Hi @Boeing757,

Thanks for your question. Have a quick look at the message below that BluePanda900 wrote:

You can contact another recruiter! Make sure to follow the process outlined in this topic: Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting

All the best and good luck,