Should I clear scenery cache?

Due to heavy traffic In TNCM, my phone Is lagging, should I clear The scenery cache? Would clearing cache In this situation crash IF?

You should clear the cash before every flight.


Oh didn’t knew that Thanks, next time I will, can I do it during the flight?

You can, it just won’t effect anything.


Thanks. :)

But Once IF got crashed when I did during the flight, I guess the reason was due to no available storage on my old phone.

Scenery cache does not have anything to do with heavy traffic and your device lagging, I recommend lowering your graphics settings and see what works the best for you, you could also try lowering your airplane count in “live” settings, that means less airplanes will render for you, which will reduce lag.


Thank you for your response. :)

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The scenery cache doesn’t really affect anything. If you’re having lag due to heavy traffic it’s mainly a problem with your device. After a 14 hour flight and then lots of traffic at my arrival airport, my device also tends to do this.

Yes you’re right. Thanks :) I was coming from a 7hr 30 minutes flight from EHAM, stuck holding for 2 hours 30 Minute In between extreme heavy traffic ( 9 hr 51 min flight time In Total ) I guess that was the reason for it lagging, it usually doesn’t.
Glad I landed ;).

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Sorry, I’ve never done this.

Try to make it lag in Solo mode. If it continues to lag in Solo, it is a phone problem, otherwise it’s a connection or server problem

Thanks… I’m pretty sure it was the lagging due to high traffic, otherwise, my device barely lags on normal conditions.

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