Should I clear my Scenery Cache?

I want to clear my scenery cache, but at the same time if I do, it will take like a minute to load into an airport. Also if I clear it and I do a long flight, will my device crash due to the new scenery loading in?


You are more than fine to clear your scenery cache, but it isn’t recommended to do it in a middle of a flight. Best bet is to clear your cache before you start your next flight if you wish to do so.

Clearing your scenery cache certainly shouldn’t take any longer or any notable difference in loading time to load into your next airport and will certainly not cause any issues with your app crashing in regards to loading scenery.

Let us know if you have any more questions.

Take care mate!


No scenery working for me to I’m soo 🤬 right now I’m 7 hrs and nothing loading circling EHAM hoping it will load

Have you tried setting all your graphic settings to low and then changing them back to what they were previously?

This can sometimes work as a work around for the issue you appear to be experiencing and can result in the airport loading in.

Yeah nothing worked

Thank you!

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I have always cleared my cache while cruising and on each flight. Never had an issue with it!
Happy flying/clearing!

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