Should i cancel my spring break plans because of COVID-19?

Hey guys!!
I am flying to Florida soon and wanted to know if i should cancel my flight.

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I think it should be fine - I have 6 flights to Florida coming up in the next few months. Really your call tbh


Really up to you don’t make such big plans relay on the IFC.


It’s your choice. I don’t think asking the community for decisions on your own holiday plans is necessarily a good idea…


I went to the IFC because we all know planes and aviation.

Wow. Ok. There probably aren’t any cares there yet

Why not? He’s in a tough situation and asking for input.
I’m in the same boat, have a trip booked for next month but I don’t want to risk bringing something to my grandparents.


Yes. I have a healthy immune system, i eat well but i am worried about giving it to my grand father

But we can’t make such personal decisions for you, its really matter of health. That’s like saying; I need help, should I get surgery or not? Its a risky thing to ask as we don’t know your current health status etc.

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If you stay safe. Be clean you be ok. (That doesn’t mean a Yes)

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Not really IF related.