Should I buy the pro subscription for a year for 80$?

Why though lmao

Everyone is aloud an opinion. I haven’t renewed my sub either. Some personal reasons and other not. But as for the OP’s question, it’s up to you. Do you want global, all the aircraft. Atc. And all that. If so the price is the price.

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I’d recommend buying a months subscription first to see if you will really fly much at all. Before I bought my pro subscription in August I was convinced I would fly everyday, but when a bought the subscription things came up in my life and I noticed that well actually I won’t be able to fly much at all.

I would have preferred to take maybe a months subscription one or two times a year. It’s all about how much time you have on your hands to fly. If you feel like you would be flying quite a bit the whole year, take a year’s subscription. If you feel well actually I don’t have much time and I’ll only be flying once in a while maybe conceder a months or even 6 months subscription…

Don’t rush your decision, take time and think over it. You want it to be worth every penny.


I’m a pilot, trust me, I fly on planes almost 3 times a week, the physics really need to be improved. Especially for the cost of it. The last thing I will do in my life is renew that sub.


I’ve let mine run out, waiting for better features (clouds, taxi lights, buildings, etc)


That’s cheap in my opinion. It’s like $115 where I live. Knowing there are some cool updates coming out this year, i’d grab it.

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If he says, “I don’t like the graphics” as an example, I can say, “they’re working on it” because they are. If they choose to not buy a sub, I get it, it’s their opinion. I respect that.


Not exaggerating once so ever. IF Pro was the best $100 I’ve ever spent in my life. Just think of it, you get access to multiplayer with 1000’s of users, ATC, live weather, all aircraft, global, and all events and VA’s/VO’s on the IFC.


I was at some point in the same situation as you.

I’ve only purchased a subscription 4 times in together, and all of them have been monthly. The thing is, we all have a life. We can’t be there sitting behind our devices playing Infinite flight every day or every week as we gotta study, work, go to school, etc. If you’re really 100% sure you’re, and will be dedicated to the game for the whole year of your subscription, then I’d say go for it. The features are amazing, but as always, there are many things that can be improved on.

It is after all a virtual game. You could spend that 100 bucks on something different in life that might be more useful!

It’s all up to you based on your personal life status.

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Thank you so much! I love how nice everyone is in the community! :)


Thank you for the feedback! :)

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No problem @JNorman64, the community is always there for you :)


Thank you! :)

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Here I’ll say, don’t buy 80 dollars off the bat. Try the 10 dollars a month first, and if you like it, then you can continue. Personally I pay 10 dollars a month and I do enjoy it as there is really nothing else comparable in the mobile market.


You must it was the best thing that I got for Christmas


I’ve had it in the past and I enjoyed it but then my subscription ended a year ago and now I kinda want to go back into it.

Fun fact;
All the models that’s been developed over the past 5 years (at least, to my knowledge) have been tested and scrutinized by real world pilots with several years of experience piloting them. Of course within the normal flight envelope.

What is deemed as “incorrect” physics, is most of the time based on the fact that we use the device accelerometer. This gives a quite different feeling than it would pulling a yoke or sidestick :)


I see. Thanks for the fact! :)

Ah, yes. That would probably be why. Thanks for clarifying


I am a very novice user and I’m still trying to figure out how to fly the new C172 correctly, even though I’ve read guides and watched the IF tutorials. The CRJ-200 seems to be ‘easier’ for me to fly, but in general I am still trying to figure out how to fly, land, use instruments, APPR, NAV etc. with this mobile sim on my iPad Air (3rd gen, 2019). I decided to buy a one month PRO subscription (expires in 2+ weeks) just to see what it provides. I’ve only used the Casual server and I don’t ever foresee myself becoming good enough for the Training or Expert servers. I like the PRO for the reason that I get to see different regions/airports in the world, and I can fly in/out of my hometown ATL airport. I’m contemplating just spending $80 and getting PRO for a year even though I will remain a very casual (maybe infrequent) user and only fly on the Casual server every now and then. If I can’t even get a handle on the C172, I don’t know how I’ll ever learn to fly properly on any other aircraft. Sorry for this lengthy post, but do you think it even makes sense to use PRO given my objective of using IF? Thank you, and sorry for the long-winded approach to my actual question.