Should I buy the pro subscription for a year for 80$?

My pro subscription ran out last year and was wondering is infinite flight still worth 80$ a year? It’s too much money in my opinion. I can buy it but idk if I should. Any thoughts of suggestions? Thanks!


No sub = No A350

It’s worth it.


Only if you will use it and not forget about it 6 months in


Sir, buying a “pro” subscription may be the best purchase you have ever made in your life…


My recommendation would be to get the 6 month, a lot can change in a year, in 10 months you may not care one bit about IF, and it’s not too much of a difference between the 6 month. On a price per month basis


BUY IT. Bro it is so worth it. BTW welcome to the community!

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Pro is so worth it, all the planes and the whole world at your hands. I say, yes! Buy the pro subscription, you won’t regret your choice!

Welcome to the community, PM or reply to me or anyone if you need anything at all. We’re happy to help.

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Trust me, I thought it would be exciting to get pro, so I made the mistake of getting it. Trust me, it is a complete waste of money. I am pretty disappointed, I mean for that kind of money, the graphics are terrible, the physics are terrible, you don’t have terminal buildings, etc. And I’d know about the physics because I fly planes as my job. I agree that it is WAY too much money, it’s basically a scam.

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I can’t tell if you’re serious or not.

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But the IF team is working to make it better, as we speak they are working on the 777 rework and project metal — which is said is going to improve rendering (graphics).

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I’m serious

Why though lmao

Everyone is aloud an opinion. I haven’t renewed my sub either. Some personal reasons and other not. But as for the OP’s question, it’s up to you. Do you want global, all the aircraft. Atc. And all that. If so the price is the price.

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I’d recommend buying a months subscription first to see if you will really fly much at all. Before I bought my pro subscription in August I was convinced I would fly everyday, but when a bought the subscription things came up in my life and I noticed that well actually I won’t be able to fly much at all.

I would have preferred to take maybe a months subscription one or two times a year. It’s all about how much time you have on your hands to fly. If you feel like you would be flying quite a bit the whole year, take a year’s subscription. If you feel well actually I don’t have much time and I’ll only be flying once in a while maybe conceder a months or even 6 months subscription…

Don’t rush your decision, take time and think over it. You want it to be worth every penny.


I’m a pilot, trust me, I fly on planes almost 3 times a week, the physics really need to be improved. Especially for the cost of it. The last thing I will do in my life is renew that sub.


I’ve let mine run out, waiting for better features (clouds, taxi lights, buildings, etc)


That’s cheap in my opinion. It’s like $115 where I live. Knowing there are some cool updates coming out this year, i’d grab it.

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If he says, “I don’t like the graphics” as an example, I can say, “they’re working on it” because they are. If they choose to not buy a sub, I get it, it’s their opinion. I respect that.


Not exaggerating once so ever. IF Pro was the best $100 I’ve ever spent in my life. Just think of it, you get access to multiplayer with 1000’s of users, ATC, live weather, all aircraft, global, and all events and VA’s/VO’s on the IFC.


I was at some point in the same situation as you.

I’ve only purchased a subscription 4 times in together, and all of them have been monthly. The thing is, we all have a life. We can’t be there sitting behind our devices playing Infinite flight every day or every week as we gotta study, work, go to school, etc. If you’re really 100% sure you’re, and will be dedicated to the game for the whole year of your subscription, then I’d say go for it. The features are amazing, but as always, there are many things that can be improved on.

It is after all a virtual game. You could spend that 100 bucks on something different in life that might be more useful!

It’s all up to you based on your personal life status.

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