Should I Buy the A318, Cessna Citation X, or C130?

For the holidays, I will get some I tunes money to put toward plane packs and other stuff. Should I spend it on the A318, Cessna citation X, or the new C 130 that should come out soon? [poll public=true]

  • Cessna Citiation X
  • A318
  • C 130

Also if you think I should get neither of any please reply

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Just wait for global


How long do you think global is even gonna be until we get it? Also I have to wait 9 hours until I can make another reply ☹️.


what do you prefer? military or commercial? It depends on your preference. my opinion is wait until you see the views of others about c130 .then you can choose.


I think the A318 is better.

  1. You can get it now
  2. It has autoland
  3. Very smooth and easy to control
  4. And it is a very accessible plane
    I know people will be inclined to get the C-130 as it is a new plane, but remember that the A318 is fairly new, it was new once.
    Also we have no idea of what the C-130 will be like in detail.

I agree with the A318. It’s a very nice plane, not too big but still a proper jetliner in terms of performance and it’s easy to control as said.

The Citation X is also a very nice plane I think, I fly it a lot but it’s small and relatively light and when it’s windy things can get quite complicated ;)

As for the C-130 I really don’t know as it’s not there yet but I guess you could wait and ask the same question again when it’s out ;)


The only problem that I have with the citation x is that it’s kinda difficult to take off…

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I do have a lot of commercial, so maybe I should do military???

Also I wanted to say thx for all your feedback! If I could get a plane right now, I would purchase the a318 since that came in second place in the polls and also in the replies.

We do not know what the C 130 is like yet, which is what larryb and what tranquil_skyflyer said, so I will just wait and see what the reviews will be! 😊

Also good to know Bruno!

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A318 all day!!

Good! I can see an a318 in my near future! :D

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A318 awesome, a bit tricky in my opinion but fun to fly. short little thing but full of awesome liveries

CCX, classy and versatile. fun to fly but I don’t like the way it handles with crosswinds.

C310 been waiting for this. I’m getting this myself.

LIVE+ REMOVES THE NEED FOR QUESTIONS LIKE THIS. lol I love live plus and it has allowed me to go down the list and try em all.


The C-130 has opening doors and a slick old cockpit, so…

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Well it depends on what kind of routes you want to fly. If you want to fly at shorter runways then probably the c-130 is your best option, but I have the Cessna Citation X and it is wonderful. (Please note: I do not have the A318 so I do not know what it is like).

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Autoland isnt a must if you ask me. Its nice in case you have crosswinds and stuff… but not a big deal

Well, my routes usually vary. I may fly from KNUC to KSAN, or KSFO to KOAK. The longest flight I have done was from EDDL to EHAM. So, it varies. But, I am open minded and do both long and short flights. So , I hope to purchase a318 and C 130.

I think the a320 and a321 are also tricky, so I can see your point.

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