Should I buy live or live+?

Other than that, let’s keep on topic. ;)

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You still didnt tell me this

Thanks by the way

I’m not sure what you mean by that part of the question. The “4 new releases” that you are talking about are I would assume the four aircraft just added to the game, B788, 789, 78X, and the 777-200LR. Yes they would come with the Live+ purchase, and any updated/added features that occur part way through your subscription will be automatically free for the rest of the substription, just like the rest of the aircraft and regions.

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Ok thanks for telling me

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I know that is what i am buying

Everybody should i buy live+ for a year or two years

Ok thanks @04Airlines

We won’t stone you haha!

Being flogged is the worst you will get…

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Live+ gives you ALL PAID AIRPLANES, score, and ten bucks cheaper than twelve Live monthly subscriptions. You save over fifty dollars if you want all aircraft.

I am going to buy live+.Cant wait to see everyone.Has anybody seen laura or other leaders on live?

What if i buy it somewere between August-December,will i have the whole next years subscribstion

You’ll have it for an entire year. Not just the remainder of this year.

Here is what to consider:

Q: How long have you been playing IF?

A: If you have just started, then, get live, and see how it goes. If you like it, then it’s a no-brainier, get Live+. If you don’t like it, then stick with solo, and don’t get Live+.

Q: What’s your budget?

A: Live costs around $5 USD per month. Live+ costs around $50 USD per year. If you buy Live for 12 months, you will be spending $60 USD, plus all the additional planes and regions! On the contrary, if you buy live +, you will be paying around the standard price of $50 USD, with all regions and planes included. So, in the final analysis, you are better off getting Live+.

I hope that helped 👍😃

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I know this might be a crazy qusetion, but if you are on live+ will you be able to see people who have live

Yes, infinite flight live is all the same, live+ is just added benefits

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My profile doesn’t lie buddy. Lets keep my girl out of this topic though lol

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Live Plus will always be a better deal! I would only recommend normal live for someone who wants to try live out!

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Yea i agree to

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