Should I buy live+ now?

I extremely hope not 😐


I think you should by it now if I could I would now

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I’m March 16th. That’s neat!

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What where you trying to say

I would imagine the most logical thing for them to do would be to charge and additional upgrade price for X amount of months or and additional recurring monthly fee on a rolling period for them that already have live+.

And for them that don’t there will be a bundle of Live + including the global update.

It’s the only logical thing I can think of but there could be other alternatives, FDS will not want people to delay subscribing for Live+ I wouldn’t imagine. If I was in your shoes I would buy now as there is no confirmed release date for global and complications with bugs could push the date back and it’s not worth waiting when you have the option of subscribing :)

Hope this helps :)


](When is the update?)
Have a read of that and make your decision…

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