Should I buy a new iPad or Samsung?

I use an Ipad 2 for IF but the updates are taking a bit of a hit on the device so i’m not sure if I should buy a new Ipad or get a Samsung tablet or wait until my Ipad can’t handle IF?


I suggest you to buy an Ipad. You will have to buy everything again if you get an Android powered device. Unless you have Live+, in which case you’ll have everything if you log in with the same Google/Facebook .


Get an ipad, most will agree it can handle the graphics better.

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I just checked and i see that apple might release a new Ipad pro. Do you think it’s better to wait or buy the 9.7 that’s available right now?

My brother has an iPad Pro, 9.7 inch. It can run anything, nearly as good as a laptop. I think it’ll last a while. But, if you want to wait for the next release, it’s up to you.

The current iPad Pro is more than capable of running IF at the highest settings, so it’s up to you if you want to wait for the next version’s features.

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Apple will release a new 12.9 iPad pro soon. but i diffently recommend the 9.7 iPad pro. i tried one, highly recommended 😊👍

If you can’t afford the iPad Pro… The next best thing is the IPad Air 2. That’s what I use and it’s perfect for I.F. All settings on high and no problems.


Where do you know this from?

An apple news site 😊

I use an iPad Air it runs all good until you fly 20+ minutes…

only 20?

I can say my mini is better

You’re right, it start wobbling… maybe 30+

iPad Air 2, 64GB. IF works like clockwork on mine.

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“Intense realism” 😂😂😂😂

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iPad Air 2, I’ve got everything on the highest. It’s amazing!


I’ve flown 1H+ flights on my iPad Air 2 and no problem even though I only have 4GB free. And even though I use my iPad 24/7 literally, it takes more than 24H to run out of charge even with 80% full

Samsung Note 5, Better than iPad, the iPad Air (not mine) consumes much more battery it stays 30m after fully charged

What about Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 ? anyone of you tried IF on Galaxy tab S2 ? 😊

Buy an iPad…

…it’s always the better choice ;)

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