Should I Buy a Live 1 Month Subscription Now?

Hey guys I wanted to know if it were wise to purchase a 1 month subscription on love even though Global will be out soon.

hold off on it, try to save a bit more money to pay for Global as well when it releases


Who knows when that is going to happen , I remember people saying lay off last year March as global was apparently around the corner. Go for it , you won’t regret it !

Also welcome to the IFC :D


Honestly u should just buy live and not think about global, just enjoy what u have now because for all we know, testing for global could take a LONGGGGG time. We don’t even have a pricing model for global so don’t wait, trust me when I say u won’t regret buying live (at least when ur flying in expert).


Firstly, Welcome to the community and enjoy your stay 😊

I would suggest you to postpone your plan so you may be able to buy Live+ once Global comes out, Rather than buying a Live monthly and you have to buy a new subscription once Global is out 😄

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Don’t wait. Buy 1 month of Live! There is absolutely no reason to wait.


I recommend live+ it will save you a ton of money.

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