Should I buy 787 or Hawaii?

Hey what’s up forum members! I have a quick question, and no this isn’t a pole opportunity, I’d just like your ideas and thoughts commented below!

Should I buy the “most beautiful” region Hawaii


Should I buy the 787-9?
And comment why you like the one you picked.


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787 duh. Plus, global is coming soon!


I wouldn’t buy any more regions at this point so get the 787-9.


But Global might not be out till Christmas…some food for thought. But I like your reasoning

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I wouldn’t buy any region right now.

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Boeing 787-9 Dream)liner


2 to 0 and can you explain? Is Global behind that as well?

Get the 797-9.

Beautiful aircraft.

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One of the most beautiful aircraft to be sure in IF

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I would be very careful using global and soon in the same sentence.


Soon=Next 6-8 months

Or Global and time at all in the same sentence

Not to some peeps. 😉

I would save your money and then save more and get Live+. That will cover you for a year and IF and WHEN an update comes out you will have everything.


In that sentence

Okay bringing a new option to the table…👍🏼

The 787 is the best looking plane on IF right now.

save for live plus its a better investment

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My thinking is if you spend money on planes and regions, at some point it would have been cheaper to get live +. Then when new updates are released, you don’t have to buy new planes. You can experience all the FNF in various regions.

Also with Live+ life is just better all around. My food tastes better, and my doctor said my blood pressure is lower.

Also you are showing your faith in the developers. It says, “I appreciate the hard work and this is an offering to keep on keeping on”

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