Should i bring the Airport/Airline Spotlight Series Back?

The Airline Spotlight was started by @CaptainCaybrew about 2 years ago. It only had one post which was on Air Vanuatu. I was wondering should I bring it back for you all. If this gets enough support i will do an A-Z sort of on Airlines and Airports. Uploads Would be on Wednesday and Sunday? Please Vote Bellow!

  • Yes
  • No

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Considering the amount of Yes votes my first edition will be posted at 7:00 AM BST tomorrow!

If you’d want any help PM me, I could use something to do with my life outside of school and X-Plane 😂

I like the idea! I could also give you suggestions for airlines/airports that you could do (PM)

Cheers, But i think i will do A-Z because then you get a mix of big airports/airlines and smaller ones.

They will be posted in the Real World Catagory

Might be a little delay as my post is currently pending review.

This series is cancelled due to the Restrictions on Posting. Any mod please delete the post.

@Tom_Jennings You could do this on Instagram for a shout :))

Hm, Or Twitter

Indeed [10 letters] Twitters up if you want to keep tabs on this Series Follow the Account! next one is out!