Should I be concerned?

Hello people,

I am 1 hour away from my TOD and 1 hour and 50 mins of fuel left
my ETE says that i will not make it, ETE is 1 hour and 26

when i start decent fuel burn lowers, but lower i get the larger the fuel burn

Should i be concerned?

  • Yes
  • No

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You have plenty of fuel. It’s possible to have equal ETE and fuel and still make it albeit very narrowly.


Few days ago i flewed a world big flight, London - Sydney.
I was refueled to maximum, while I had a Boeing 789, and the computer told me that I did not have enough fuel, the fuel was at maximum, namely 19 hours 20 minutes, but after changing to 40,000 feet, this altitude from saved me as much as 3 hours, and I quietly sat down at the Sydney airport.
If u are heavy, do not use high altitudes it’s burning fuel much faster.

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By the time this post was made you probably were disconnected by the game tho?

No, i am still going

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Was you climbing when it said you didn’t have enough fuel? Because it does that once you get to your cruising ALT it will tell you how much fuel you have. Also trying to find the right ALT that has the best tail wind will save you fuel

When you slow down on descent, you’ll use less throttle, and thus less fuel. You’ll be fine.

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So what happened?

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I landed safely with around 5 mins of fuel left :D


Awesome. Good!

You don’t need to concern. It is OK when you choose to have emergency landing in other smaller airport.

Such as You wants to go to EGLL. But you haven’t have enough fuel. So you can choose to EGLC when you are skillful.

The user landed 8 days ago with no concerns…

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