Should I ask for a joystick for Christmas?

With Christmas coming around the corner, my list is very empty. I’m not sure if I should ask for a joystick to use for IF. I’m curious to hear your opinions. I’m not sure if it would be worth it or not.


I mean, say good bye playing IF in bed lol
but if you want to bump up for realism of flight simulators, go for it! I recommend it

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Joystick flying is fun, but I really enjoy the fact that I can simply pick up my device and be flying with a few clicks. I don’t think it can hurt though, many joysticks are compatible with other flight simulators too.


Joysticks are very fun you should get one

Joystick is a great tool to fly in IF and it contributes to improve your skills… However; if you use IOS you need a third party app called LiveFlight Connect and a PC in order to connect it to IF… This app is working but it’s unstable and sometimes freezes on final ruining your flight and overall experience… Unfortunately this app is no longer receiving support from the developers… A promising app called Map Connect has been developed lately but again it stopped working suddenly…

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Nothing against a joystick itself, but if you are on iOS you may have a hard time connecting it, since the PC application you would need, isn’t getting updated anymore, and isn’t too reliable. And even though there is a new app in development, it isn’t working yet. SO: A joystick is cool and fun, but the IF support for it isn’t optimal

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Oh my god we’re less than two months away from Christmas…

I bought a joystick but hadn’t taken into consideration the input delay. Considering things have to be done through a third party such as liveflight connect or map connect, it can be frustrating when you, for example, try to rotate with the joystick, but experience an input delay of around 700-1000 milliseconds, 0.7 seconds - 1 second (which is a lot).

All in all, the input delay really killed the fun for me, but if that isn’t going to bother you, it can be a lot of fun!

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Adding to that the frustrating freez that could happen on final which simply can kill your long haul flight… Like you I didn’t pay attention to this problem when I bought my joystick

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