Should I allow a pilot to take off from the inactive side of the runway?


I have been controlling Tower and Ground on the Training Server more and more recently and I was just wondering about one thing.

On an odd occasion, pilots don’t follow ATC instructions and taxi to the wrong end of a runway (the end thats in red/orange compared to green) and often request take off from that side when I have told them not to.

Should I allow them to take off? It feels as though I have given in to the pilot when they should be listening to me.


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Depends upon specific airport procedures, existing traffic and/or winds.

Depends in my opinion. If there is heavy traffic, no, because that will cause some issues. If there is no traffic, ask them to move, and if they decline, I would allow it for the sake of their stubbornness, because it’s TS after all.

Asking them to move would be - “Taxi to runway XX” ?

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Yeah, I would say so.

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