Should i add RNAV Approach WPTs to FPL

Im doing a flight on Iraqi Airways from Baghdad to Juba, South Sudan. My flight plan is ok, as it should. In Juba, im following RNAV Approach from runway 13. Because im arriving from the north, ill be following ALSOG EMAMI EGPAP on the approach. But i have a question. Should i add those waypoints to my FPL or just leave it? Should i always add the approach waypoints to my FPL in general?

As you wish you can do it to make it more realistic :)


I always add in the appropriate RNAV or STAR for arrivals on my FPL. Helps to make it more relaistic and I can use all the features on the charts to help my arrival too. However often if you are flying with IFATC then you will have to modify your arrival depending on their idea of traffic patterns.


I use which lets you add arrivals and such with the click of a button. If your at an uncontrolled airport do as you wish but if you come into IFATC (or TSATC now to!) airspace make sure you always follow instructions.

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Which button? i use fpltoif alot and ive never seen that button before.

You have the option to add SID / STAR once the initial FPL has been generated.

Otherwise you can copy to your note pad and then manually add in the rNAV waypoints before adding into your flight plan on The app.

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