Should FDS Get New Colors, And A New Livery?

  • Yes, Get New Livery/Colors
  • No, Keep It The Same

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I think red and blue for USA flag would look good. I have designed a livery on a EMB-120


I like the new black one we just got or are getting (I think)

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Their logo just recently changed…

What new one? I mean the livery not logo

Yeah but won’t they use the new logo on some of the new planes? Idk

I know that you got the EMB-120 from Norebbo. I cooperate with them

So I’m guessing you want a new logo? Although an FDS livery with the theme of the new logo would be great.

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They literally just came out with a new logo a few months ago lol

And there hasn’t been a new FDS plane since then ;)

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Hint hint wink wink

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I think it looks fine. Of course they might release a new livery because of their new logo as others have stated above, but other than pure branding purposes I don’t hink it’s necessary

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