Should Every IF Account Require an IFC Account?

Do you think that when people join infinite fight they have to create an account on te infinite flight community website because it is geting annoying not being able to PM someone just because they haven’t created an account I think that it is time that eople have to create an account to play infinite flight

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We can’t force people to join the community. The community is a social place and requiring an account on the community would not be practical, even though it would be helpful.

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Forcing people to sign up to multiple things is not ideal especially when people will just not use the app at all if they don’t want any part of the community. If I don’t want to sign up to something for example when buying something I won’t buy it for the most part.

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It would just make it possible to pm them on these forms

I think maybe something that said we have IFC might be nice, but requiring it is a no from me.

That may be true, but I believe making it a requirement would discourage many people from playing Infinite Flight. Some people are extremely protective of their online information, and it would be suspicious to some to require an account on a community based on a simulator they just downloaded.


I did not know about the community till about a year ago, and I have been playing for a while

I’m simply saying that some consumers do not enjoy being required to sign up for a community in order to play a game. It’s really that simple.

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I totaly aggre, I see the community as a conected entity, not part of the game…

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I mean half of what I look at is RWA, so…

Think about it… If everyone had to join the forum, half of the people would be inactive and your PM to them would still do NOTHING! :)


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