Should devs add new liveries on older model aircrafts?

Personally ive seen many topics about liveries that should be added on unreworked aircrafts which are 4-7 years old (A340,767,A380, ERJ)
not sure if its even possible. but I think devs could add new liveries on 787 Q400 even the models are old

IDK if i answered my own question but im hoping new liveries to come on unreworked models like the MD-11, CRJ

Also its not that I want new liveries I wanted to know if its possible to still add on these old models


I would definitely consider the C-130 for one. There’s so many fantastic liveries not yet added. Take the Coulson C-130 for example

I totally agree however I think the devs want to take one step at a time when working on aircraft and adding things to the game and as of right now they have a lot on their plate.

Personally, I think having 1-2 aircraft a year have a “Livery Rework” where they add some new liveries would be a good idea, because usually in IF we are seeing liveries with almost 200 votes on the IFC not make it into the game and it could take several years if they are not included.

This does happen from time to time! You’ll notice an EAA livery on the 742 and a Seattle Seahawks livery on the 748, as well as a bunch of liveries on the A330, all of which were added due to public demand for them.

As always, the best way to get these things into the app is by supporting them in the #features category.