Should Boeing Bring Back the 787-3?

Considering that Boeing didn’t make the 787-3 because there were problems with the 787-8, and since now the entire 787 family is successful, should Boeing bring back the 787-3? Thoughts?



I think so

Which one is that?

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I just added a picture (Artist’s depiction)

Yea it doesn’t look right with the winglets

Interesting proposition… This could certainly have some success but how much would that be? The domestic widebodies of the USA seem to be disappearing. 787-3 would make a decent 1 to 1 replacement for Delta’s 763s but those arebeing turned into 737-900ERs and A321-200s. I also doubtthese would have significant success in Europe, which seems to br falling to the ULCCs operating 737-800s, A320s, and A321s. Only place the 787-3 could see some guaranteed success is Asia and those orders were switched to the 787-8… Boeing is better off making a 757 replacement and calling that the domestic heavy-hauler than building a 787-3. 787 is just suited for long range ultra efficient ops where fuel matters. I suppose it could be modified some but the 787 just doesn’t feel like a short range domestic aircraft.


Yes. It would be a good replacement for the 757.


At the end of the day people prefer a choice of 3 flights with three different departure times a day on a small aircraft to 1 flight with 1 departure time a day on a large aircraft, which means invariably on short haul routes more seats would be filled with 3 737s than 1 787


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It would hurt the 737-900 max I think

Did they really plan a 787-3 at the beginning?

Yes, but they terminated the project due to problems on the 788

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The B787-3 died for the exact same reason the A358 died: Not enough orders.

Airlines nowadays prefer to buy aircraft that have room for growth, that’s why you see many orders for the larger variants. B has to ask themselves: Is the 757 market really big enough to invest and design a new aircraft just to compete with an improved A321 called A321LR? The market we are talking about is around 500 and even less TATL B757. The A321LR is aimed at the B757 TATL, a market of roughly 200 aircraft. IMHO, not worth it.


The day that each once proud domestic trunk route that once hosted 747s and DC-10s are replaced by 50 daily 737s and A320s will be a very sad day.