Should be concerned?

Ahhh I don’t know what to say here but IF recreated the China airlines 747 incident at Chicago O’Hare airport 😑

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What do you mean? I don’t see anything in this picture that suggests that

Hello there, can I ask which server, which airport and which gate this took place at?

He meant the engine are collided with Baggage loaders / trolleys

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Hi! What gate was that? 😊

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Terminal 2 Gate C4

What airport is this at?

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I believe this was in Solo Mode, which Solo doesn’t really recognize the gate sizes so that might be why.


It looks like you are parked in a gate with only 1 jet bridge. At Chicago o hare, A380’s have dedicated A380 parking spots with 3 jet bridges, 2 for the lower deck and one for the upper deck. The one jet bridge parking spot is only supposed to be used by narrow bodies or smaller wide bodies. Because you spawned in solo mode, the simulator doesn’t tell you which aircraft can fit where, but in expert server, it will show you where a particular aircraft can park.

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San Francisco international airport

This was your issue which I reproduced when this topic was opened, as the gate you were in which I believe (from memory) is only suitable for category D aircraft (A380 is Cat F). This is what your gate would have looked like from above.


Yes very accurate

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