Should ATC move to Milan malpensa tomorrow?

Some of you are saying the schedule was made before the announcement. That is completely not true. When I was in Milan 3 weeks ago I already knew Linate was closing. This article is from October.

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Without commenting on your request, the closure of Linate for renovations has been announced month ago and has been repeatedly announced by the airport.

For example on Twitter:

Edit: As @Doonies posted (thanks!) it has been announced during October 2018 or even earlier.

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The realism police have spoken!

Tomorrow will feature Milan Malpensa [LIMC] instead. Also, feel free to just shoot me a message in the future! Pretty silly to expect anyone to be current on all 40,000 airports around the world. Enjoy some short hauls tomorrow! 🛬🛫


If this post doesnt win post of the year, the voting system is flawed!


Thanks Tyler for keeping the realism haha. And I totally agree that we shouldn’t expect you to be up to date with all the airport closures. Thanks once again!


Thank you for your work, great to see you’re open for advice/help/corrections!


Always! I’m still learning too. I’ll rely heavily on the community as we begin this new phase of exploring parts of the world not previously HD. While I do a considerable amount of research each week, no one knows these parts like the ones that live there. I read your comments and try to take us to the “sweet spots” you all recommend and request!

Have a good weekend. 🙂