Should ATC move to Milan malpensa tomorrow?

I am proposing that ATC on the expert server move their operations to Milan malpensa due to the renovations at linate. These renovations will close the airport to all commercial flights for the next three months.


Hello, IFATC follow the ATC schedule that is made each week ;)

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The closure was announced after the creation of the schedule.

IF isn’t real life. It’s a simulation. IFATC will follow the schedule.

Like already stated:)

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There is an entire point to making the thread… he is simply asking because:
1: The Expert server strives to be as realistic as possible
2: Perhaps this was overlooked when making the schedule.

Edit: Seems the announcement was made after the schedule.
It is possibly MBM didn’t see it.


Maybe. But doubt it’ll get changed. And if it does, like stated already IFATC will follow the schedule:)

It wasn’t a mistake, it was just an announcement made after the creation of this week’s schedule.

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Quality thread. I think its a legit reason to have an alteration to an IFATC schedule considering. Would be up to Tyler.

Edit: i messaged it to the boss man for him to see


Looks like your link states Milan “Linate” airport. Your title states Milan “Malpensa”. I don’t know which one is correct, but you might want to change that. ;)

Linate airport will be closed during atc operations tomorrow, my proposal is to move said operations to malpensa

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Oh, ok. Makes more sense now 👌

Sorry for the confusion

Hello !
I propose a solution:

Diverting all flights to Milan Malpensa, not Takeoff at Milan Linate, NOTAM at Milan Linate. ;)

So your saying a TFR should be imposed?

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Yep, I think this. ;)

But (again), it’s a great idea.

Thanks for your support!

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Yes it is a simulator…

“Simualtor-designed to provide a realistic imitation of real life”

It wouldn’t make sense to have that airport open if we are a “simulator”.


I don’t know if players will land at this airport event if it closed, in the next three months.😃

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Everyone loves realism. Infinite Flight bases off realism, but isn’t always up to date on it…