Should Another Server Be Added?

I’ve been watching the forum very closely recently, and I’ve noticed that many people are frustrated or concerned that the Expert server isn’t “expert enough.” Should Infinite Flight create a fourth server - possibly named “Master Server”? Maybe requiring the user to have grade 4 That would certainly solve most of the issue, right? So should they create a whole new server?

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  • No

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Grade 5!!! Server for 5% pilot?? And I don’t think grade 3 or 4 pilot are any less qualified than grade 5. I might vote for server based on ghosts earned.


Alright maybe grade 4 then. I apologize. Lol

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There’s a lot of polls tonight 😂
If anything the grade system could be tweaked, but don’t think a new server is the answer.
You would need “master” ATC, what would be required of them, there would probably be too little traffic for them to control, for the effort to go beyond IFATC.

Everyone has varying levels of both knowledge and skill, but where do you draw the line, Im sure someone would then make the case for a server for each grade… With less traffic each time.


Makes sense. Sorry, I really like polls. :/

I’ll await you’re next one 😂

Lol I hope it’s not annoying

Maybe a poll of whether or not you should do another poll?


Alright dude…I get it

Only joking 😉

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I know - it’s all good 😁

Your grade does not depict your skills as a pilot, which is why I do not agree with this.


How about a poll for the person with the most polls on whether or not polls are more efficient than the previous polls, which only included polls on if polls were effective to begin with? 😆

The problem is that the grade system is mostly just based upon an accumulation of stats. I, personally, would rather control than fly, so I’ll never have the stats to maintain grade 5. Does that make me a worse pilot, even though I have 8 violations from 3 years ago and zero lifetime reports?

If the grading system was more able to indicate quality than stat accumulation, it would be a good indicator of skill and consciencousness, but as it stands, it’s not a good indicator of much of anything other than having a lot of time.


the experience of a pilot is not measured by the size of the aircraft he pilots (this is what my instructor always says), I am currently in grade 3, I was in grade 5 and by an oversight I had a violation and I came back by grade 3, so I ask you do you think that because I’m in grade 3, it makes me less experienced than the one in grade 5?
our decisions while in command of an aircraft causes someone to be called a Captain, I hope you understand my reasoning, not because I’m piloting a cessna I’m less experienced with those who are in the B777.


And what’s to say this new server don’t just be the expert server 2.0 with no changes? People get access and fly even if they don’t have the proper knowledge then when they get ghosted they have no accountability. The same will happen with a new server.

Unless people were handpicked it would be pointless and even then who wants to fly on a server with less people? Not me.

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That’s a fair argument - but if a pilot is immature or just doesn’t care about ATC or community rules - don’t you think they’d be a lot less likely to put in the many hours of work to get up to a high level?

Again - a fair point. It’s just a suggestion. Sorry.

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Getting to grade 5 is based upon repetition mostly. Fly for hours which is easy and do loads of touch and goes. This is not representing skill at all.


There has to be new way of calculating stats…There is no other way…you can’t control pilot misbehaviour ex. Crashing to you or blocking you or runway. You can’t program this crashes. And who gonna police such activity

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