Should airlines offer a stored value card?

If you have ridden on most moder subways. You will have seen a system where you buy a plastic card that stores money on it. When entering you tap the card on a target & it lets you in, at then end of your journey you tap,out & it charges you the correct amount for you’re trip. I was thinking that airlines should offer this instead of paper boarding passes. Tell me what you think.

  • Yes, this would be much more convinent😃
  • No! This is junk😬

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It could definitely be more convenient, yet it’s not junk either. So long as it’s a secure system. Maybe if my ticket could be loaded into a chip attached to my passport?

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if i put $300 in it

and i loose it…


It would be registered by the airline (exept Ryanair) so If you lose it when u get a new one that $300 would be there.

You would be able to lock the card with an app on your Smartphone. Same would go for topping it up and booking flights. Other security measures could be put in place like face recognition.

So like a Octopus Card (used in Hong Kong) and MyWay card (used in Canberra only on Action buses)


Or the Opal card used in NSW

This would never work because you need a boarding pass to get on so they know you’ve payed’ and technically it would be a free flight with the cards.

Nope, you would have to book a flight with the app or from a service desk for the card to be active for a particular flight. Or else it wouldn’t allow you in.

The card would have money on them. There would be barriers blocking access to the gates. You would tap on the gate to open it to get to the gate. Then tap out at the destination like a subway. There would be no more booking as everyone would be a standby passenger.

And there would also be a gate attendant to greet people and make sure no one is having problems or hopping over the gate.

Yes but the entry gat to check the card would be before sucurity so no one could even get near the gates. There would only be an agent at the Jetbridge to make shoure that people were getting on he right plane for where they want to go & to tell people if the plane was full. Boarding would be First come-First serve.

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Ooops, your card has expired. How about charging 2000$ next time?

That depends on the airline.

Well it would mean more aircraft needed

A lot of airlines are making your boarding passes available on their apps, I would prefer to use my phone as it is harder to lose. You can also check in on them as well so if I was given the option for a card I wouldn’t take it.

they’ve done this before… and failed

It doesn’t make sense not to book a flight because if you had the card you can fly with money on it and not buy anything on it so technically you’re getting a free flight.

They could offer gift cards:-D

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You talking about oyster card isnt that what they use in london. In new york we swipe a car through a thing and also into somthing and it shoots it up. This would be hard because then you would not be able to fit every body it is just easier to book and make sure. The diffrence with a bus and a train is that one come ever 10 min instead of 1 hour to 2 days to a week.