Should Air New Zealand replace Virgin Australia?

Air New Zealand, the airline you’ve probably heard great things about but never actually flown on considering how out of the way NZ is. It’s the Kiwis flag carrier and a good one, to say the least. It operates flights to exotic destinations like Tonga, Niue and Fiji and who says they couldn’t operate more? How about a Virgin Australia replacement? Let’s explore

As most of you know unlike the stuck up Texans Virgin Australia has gone into administration and it may never fly again. The prospect is getting more real by the day, just today Perth Airport seized some of the troubled airline’s planes as potential new owners circle the airline. However let’s just say Virgin went bust, never flew again and Australia was left with a Qantas monopoly and Air New Zealand commenced domestic services in Australia, what would that look like?

It’s worth noting that the two countries are extremely close, in fact, Australia still has an option open for NZ to join Australia as a state, the two countries are like brother and sister. It’s worth mentioning that Australian airlines have a history of operating domestically within NZ. Pacific Blue (later Virgin Australia NZ) operated domestically in NZ between 2007 and 2010 while Jetstar has operated domestically there since 2009. Air New Zealand also does the vice versa already (kind of) flying from Sydney to Norfolk Island (an external territory of Australia) a few times a week. So why couldn’t this be expanded further?

Well, it could, Air New Zealand could operate routes using their existing A320’s, A320neo’s and A321neo’s on medium-haul domestic routes Brisbane to Melbourne for example, while they could use their ordered 787-10’s on long haul domestic like Brisbane to Perth for example while using their Q300’s and ATR’s on short-haul domestic routes like Perth to Kalgoorlie. They may have to launch their new Australian based airline under a different name like Air Australia to fit in the Australian market and would have to use Australian registered aircraft while also beefing up their fleet. Air New Zealand actually makes a profit unlike Virgin Australia so if Virgin went bust it would make perfect sense to enter the Australian market.

At the end of the day, it’s just an idea and it really depends on how Virgin looks in a few months but in my opinion, the Kiwis gave us Aussie’s jetboats, so why couldn’t they bring us a new jet airline? What do you think?

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It’s not a bad idea. Qantas(mainline) has been doing it in NZ using the jet connect brand. It will be a very good idea, one that will help to reduce the monopoly of QF when VOZ folds. If this comes to pass, it’ll be interesting to see Alan Joyce’s reaction.


No, New Zealand can stay in New Zealand in my opinion.

Ansett mk ii ftw

Interesting topic Louis!


Interesting to think about, I wouldn’t mind it. Even though they are making a profit, not too sure if it will be enough in the current climate to consider an expansion to Aus with re-registereing aircraft, repaint, etc.


Any legal issues can always be circumvented. Air NZ may partner with some Aussies to register a franchise under an Australian AOC which would give them unrestricted access. This would give some former VOZ staff their jobs in case VOZ closes. Remember, QF has a domestic presence in NZ.

Cool topic Lois! I really hope this doesn’t happen though. Not that I don’t lik ANZ, their awesome, but Virgin is just to good to loose

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True - I don’t really see Virgin Australia going bust all the way considering all the news about multiple buyers interested.

They have just crashed, according to theairlinerss and their IGTV of Australian News.
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Its an interesting idea but would take many years to expand into an Australian-wide airline. With Perth Airport beginning to seize Virgin Australia aircraft, and with the company in an estimated $6.8 billion in debt, its inevitable an opportunity for another airline to move into the Australian market will open up, but the industry as a whole is struggling so I don’t think many airlines would have the financial backing to endeavour any such venture.

imma keep doing this until u stop using Texans. I am not stuck up btw/

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Wow, an interesting idea. However, in my opinion, NZ is the flag carrier of NZ, it should concentrate on serving its own country. Velocity should ask for help from its stakeholders, esp. Singapore and Etihad ;)

That is a great idea

Lol where did that come from?

I believe our Australian media outlets are jumping too quickly to conclusions as they’re only in voluntary admission which although is still bad, it can see the airline return to normal operations again with more support from their major shareholders such as Etihad I believe.

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Noooo I like virgin australia :(

Being mostly a StarAlliance Flyer I would really love this for the opportunity to travel within Australia at some point on a Star Alliance Carrier. Also I don’t think there wouldn’t be a market, so why not give it a try?

But I think a different name would be in order for an Australian ANZ airline as it would be odd marketing wise to have Air NewZealand flights within Australia.

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