Should a pro subscription be a one-and-done thing? (Can be closed)

Hey IFC,
I was just thinking about what would happen if paying for a pro subscription was a one time thing. I have weighed both sides of the equation (having to pay per month kinda thing/paying to get it for all time), but I have decided that the repeated subscription is probably the best. Let me explain why:

  1. Having a one-time payment would be expensive (maybe like $300 usd), and would push many people away just because of the price tag
  2. It would prevent the devs from having a constant payment
  3. A timely subscription is better because then if you don’t play, you don’t pay

Maybe a better solution would be adding a feature to pay for forever. Lol why I am even talking about this, I am sure it will never happen.
Let me know what your opinion is.

While it’s definitely a thought, I dont see this coming, as IF pro is a subscription, just like netflix, would you expect netflix to offer a one-and-done thing, no.


This idea is brought up time and time again. How would FDS make money? Yes they would get the 80 dollors for the one time purchase but they might JUST break even. You have to think about the cost THEY put into the game to. Development costs aren’t cheap. Especially when global came out. They had to buy the satilite imagery. I’m going it go for a loLOW guess and say it’s defiantly in the 1000s.


Is this topic suppose to be on #features, I have been new for a month now, anyway.

My decision is no, but why?

  • IF need to pay for earth image daily.
  • It is too expensive, nobody wont to pay that, they prefer use subscription.
  • If someone want to try for one month instead of $300 one time will be a waste.

One Time Payment- I would say No

Unfortunately, in the dynamic world of economics we live in which is fast paced and advancing rapidly when referencing mobile devices, a business model like this for any company would make it difficult to be profitable and adaptable. With fees, taxes, exchange rates (just some examples) and the economy being so dynamic this just wouldn’t be feasible. The costs associated with operating and maintaining the infrastructure, day-to-day operations and customer outreach for this app take careful planing and consideration.

Just giving my opinion based on experience since I’m a former business owner that was in the competitive market of maintaining lawns and providing landscaping services all while working a full time job.


I don’t think so.
That means FDS has that money once and only once, meaning…
Should updates be a one time thing?
Should 15m scenery be in one position
You reap what you sew so if we only give FDS one money supply, they will only give back what that one payment affords.
Just my .02


It shouldn’t be one-time.

You’re not buying a one-time product. You’re buying access to a dynamic product that is always changing and growing. People make their living off of the work they put into this app, and continued work requires continued funding.


This can be closed. Sounds like it was already discussed before, but I missed out on that.