Shots to Sketches

Today I decided to Turn Previous Photos into sketches using the Website,
These photos have been used in other Topics. Enjoy!


From The Topic: 32 Minutes in 4 Photos.

From the Topic: BigBert10 Was Right... SJC is Pretty Good! [Bank Angle!]


From the Topic: Chicago Spotting (KORD) With Story

Thanks For Looking!
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Wow that is really cool

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Now that looks awesome!

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This is the first of this type of edit I’ve seen. It’s really cool!


Doesn’t the atlas 747 not have Windows

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Nevermind they do. Weird

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You drew this???

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If you press on the links under the pictures you can find what they originally looked like. Also it’s stated up the top.

I have admit though I have mixed feelings about them.

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@AviationJack There Edit Photos from IF

I thought you drew them for a sec I was like wow that’s really good

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That looks awesome

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These are amazing! Great job.

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Like this also :

Made with samsung gallery editing tool.