Shots of my flight from Madrid to New York JFK


Hello here are some shots of my 7 hour 20 minute journey from Madrid to New York as Europa 091 heavy. Special thanks to @Clee15 for controlling approach and departure and @aman_gupta for controlling tower and ground frequencies. They did an amazing job as always and I’m looking forward To see them again controlling the Infinite Flight skies !


Hope you enjoyed your flight! It was an absolute pleasure to vector you into JFK.

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Hello! Well I was flying visual so I don’t remember getting vectors from you but as always great job controlling

Glad that you had a great arrival into the States :)

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Buenas tomas, Jesús. Cuando gustes volamos juntos.
Saludos desde Colombia!

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And glad you was there to clear me to land :)

Claro que si hermano cuando quieras volar solo me escribes aquí o por Instagram

Nice shots!

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Thank you 😅

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