Shots From the Virtual Davis-Monthan Open House

The first airshow of the 2019 Season for IFCAS (an organization currently pending VARB approval) went off superbly. Other than a slightly screwed-up J-Turn Reposition my first 2019 Virtual Raptor Demo went perfectly. The Heritage Flight? SPOT. ON. Thanks to all who attended!

The Heritage Flight

Climbing High Into The Sun

(We had someone in an F-16 join us, but surprisingly he did quite well!)

#FullSend over a static KC-10
During my Raptor Demo

Heritage Flight Lineup

@Scott.Cooper Exiting the Loop

As an airshow enthusiast and maybe future airman, I thoroughly enjoyed flying it, and I think IFCAS will be an awesome organization once approved.


2 and 4 are my favorites 😍

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The fourth shot has to be my most realistic. Even the real Raptor Demo approved 😂


Is there any chance you could share the replay file of that flight? I’d really love to see how you managed to do such a formation in the HUD view! I’m skilled in flying alone, but that sort of formation flying never wasn’t a strength of mine really. I tried to train it by intercepting planes using a fighter but even that’s challenging, so I’m still learning.

The pictures are absolutely fabulous! Sadly I missed it, I’d have loved to watch it live. Amazing work.

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i really loved that good job

When i fly the F22 (or most other fighters) in formation i zoom out on the cockpit view, it helps me see everything in front of me well

I kept only a small portion of @Scott.Cooper’s Spitfire’s wing in my view when in the passes of the formation. I loosened up in the repositions as to not totally lose him.

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I’m going to be honest, unless he’s going super slow, I don’t think he’ll make it… 😂

Oh he made it. He even recovered from a front-spin on his signature vertical climb. Probably the best Herc driver I’ve seen.

Love the KC-10 shot and Scott’s loop shot but amazing overall 😍

Incredible shots Nate. It appears youve mastered Free Cam 🙌🔥