Shots from the ramp @ YSSY

Currently on the run from the Yugoslavian Government so i thought I’d share some photos from my place of asylum (YSSY)

A380 Tail 😱

Sunrise or sunset? Don’t ask about the dollies, wasn’t me 😉

A330-200. Everything smells of fish

350+380 combo meal


Engine n that

The Sydney skyline under a dreamliner tail. It’s backlit i know, don’t @ me

A350: 1 - Tow bar: 0

Dropped my phone mid phoot

Lmk which one you hated or liked the most. Ciao



These are amazing! Very unique 👌

Interesting 🤨 . I’m technically related to a guy who was (when Yugoslavia was a thing and he wasn’t dead). PM me if you want the story. Kinda crazy

Anyways, some amazing shots you got there! Those engines are crazy huge! So different from seeing them from the terminal window.

Thought i’d share something a touch different. Maybe another topic with some shots from inside the planes soon we shall see

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Don’t ask, minor tax fraud issue.

Oh my 🤨

Fr. Pictures rlly don’t do them justice

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Lovely photos, such unique perspectives!

Imma say Sunrise 🌅

@_Alex_E its backlit



Here’s a bonus sunrise 🏅

Quite possibly the most offensive thing i’ve read in weeks. How could you 😭



Are you a ramp agent ?

Yep. I do a bit of everything

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Nice ! I am sure you would get along with Dan then

Potentially ya. I do want to work at one of the major london airports at some point

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Do you eventually want to work actually inside the plane as cabin crew or pilot ?

How can you get so close? What’s your job at YSSY? Nice pictures though.

Becoming a pilot is the goal. Just looking at my options to get the last of my training done. Either the UK or US.

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I’m a ramp agent. I load and unload the aircraft, push them back and do the dispatching (providing a link to the flight deck from ground)

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Well honestly ramp agent is a great introduction to the world of aviation

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