Shots Buried Deep in My Camera Roll

So I have a variety of shots taken between last year and now that I really wanna share. I’ll provide details below each photo. Some are edited, some are not. Enjoy!

SWA 737-800 @ KMCO

Ya like Southwest? Here ya go. Flight was around mid-2019 and here she is on short final from Denver.

Endeavor Air CRJ7 @ KMSP

This actually wasn’t my flight but the light hit the aircraft pretty well. On short final at MSP.

Condor DC-10 @ FACT

Give the DC-10 some love guys. Nice aesthetic and design, albeit a little hard to fly. This airport is just so compact, and that’s a fact. Inbound from Frankfurt.

FedEx DC-10F @ KIND

Taken during the holiday season. Nice winter light illuminates yet another tri-jet. Simple, yet classy.

jetBlue A321 @ KJFK

I had to go around because of winds, but after her transcon flight from SEA, it was a nice treat. Also nice because I took off as the sun rose in Seattle and landing as it sets in NYC

Spirit A321 @ KBOS

Bank angle. Bananabus banks to the left on her way to Fort Lauderdale

Thai A350 @ VTBS

Sleek departure from VTBS en route to Milan. Absolutely loved this flight. A350 never fails to delight

Generic DC-10F/ United A350 @ KMIA

When old meets new… IRL The DC-10 cannot compare to the A350. From engine sounds to everything. Here she is departing Miami to Santa Cruz operating as BOL 751.

Generic DC-10F @ Colombia

The DC-10 cruises above Colombia, as she takes those last rays from the sun. Halfway to Viru Viru airport

Yeah, pretty modest collection of shots. I usually dont try to edit much but I cant help myself. I do hope these shots are enough for you. Thanks for viewing!


Amazing photos! You did a great good simulating some spotter photos

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And that’s what I aimed for! Thanks for the comment!

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Really nice shots! Well done!

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That southwest sure is a beauty

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Nice! Sometimes it’s pretty interesting to go through your camera roll. I think I have some pics from before 2019…

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4 things.
1: Canyon Blue 😍
2: Southwest 😍
3: You flying from Denver 😍
4: I was going to fly this route a few days ago, on Southwest, on a 737-700, but thanks to the Coronavirus I didn’t go anywhere 😔

Of course I love No. 1 lol

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I actually thought #1 was real at first glance.


Dang they’re awesome, especially the first shot.

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