Shots At KSJC For My First Time

Hello IFC! This is my first time posting in #real-world-aviation . This isn’t really a spotting but just photos I took at the airport before my flight. Anyways, enjoy!

First is a Southwest B737-700 taxiing

A bad shot of the GA Avaiation spot

A shot with 2 Southwests

Another bad shot if a B737 blasting out of KSJC

Another photo of a Southwest with the GA place in the background


Our first Alaskan shot

Another shot of a Alaskan right after the parking brake was set

The only one I know what the route is. Flight of KSJC-MMMX in the A320neo. My first time seeing a A320neo not on a screen

And our last photo, a Fedex MD-11F. Nice to see a old plane still fly

Thats all I have for today. Sorry for the bad shots though. Next Real World post may be at KDAL.

Divice: A Samsung Galaxy S10


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