Shotdown of Innocence | Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 | Infinite Flight Reconstruction Movie

Hello guys!

Exactly five years ago a massive tragedy happened over Eastern Ukraine. A civilian airliner, a Boeing 777-200, which was operating on a flight of Malaysia Airlines with the flight number 17 heading from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, was most likely shot down by a surface to air rocket system controlled by separatists, supported by Russia in the Ukrainian War.
This movie is to make you think about something very important in our life. Peace.
The ongoing war in my home country Ukraine still hasn’t stopped and costed already 13.000 lives. 289 of them were the victims of the MH17 crash exactly five years ago. I need to be honest, as a Ukrainian I feel so extremely saddened and ashame that such catastrophe happened in my country. Innocent, completely neutral people having no contact to the conflict – dead, murdered.
In my movie I wanted to express all my different emotions I had during the planning and creating. Seriosly, this was personally for me one of the most emotional videos I ever produced.
We all share the suffer, together. Dutch, Malaysian and Ukrainian.

  1. Recorded in solo mode at EHAM and in the Dutch and Ukrainian airspace

This is an awesome video, yet highlighting the complex and political violence between Ukraine and Russia. RIP to those involved in Flight MH17.


That was a great video,pretty heartfelt.
Great job


Great video (as always). All people who lost their lives on board may Rest in Peace.


Great job with the video.


This video really touched me. RIP to those involved in this tragic crash.


Why did you use the Minecraft sound?

Anyways great video

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What Minecraft sound?

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When it showed the crash scene

Guys, thank you so much for your feedback! I really feel so honoured i get such response, this is undescribable how grateful I am


Oh, is it? I don’t think i heard such sound in Minecraft, anyways I haven’t got it from there

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It’s from the music discs

Oh ok, btw FYI this is the sound

RIP those involved in MH17. we will never forget.


Nvm it just sounded similar

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