Shot from Singapore Air Show 2024!

Hello everyone! welcome back to another spotting thread where i will be sharing shots taken at the singapore air show 2024! hope you enjoy:)

Starting off with Embraer E195-E2 with Profit Hunter (Tech Eagle) Livery!

Comac ARJ21-700 First appearance at the air show!

Bombardier Global 7500 G-HNEY

Airbus A330-900neo op by Starlux

Airbus A350-1000 Aerobatic display!

Thats All for this time! Stay tune for more incoming shots! Feel free to comment whats ur fav and thanks for viewing! Have a nice day everyone!


The A350-1000 pics look amazing! Wish I could’ve been there

Looks like an awesome event. Great shots!

those a350 pictures are fire

717 from wish


@skillissue was here

nice pics! wish i could come

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Such a cool airshow, would love to attend one year! Great shots

I am going to the air show tomorrow.

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I don’t have a phone to take pics though

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oh ok

and you could use ur ipad

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Errrrr… there is a security check and they would wonder why I’m bringing an iPad jk
Maybe I’ll bring it


a security check💀💀

i’ve already been spotting

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717 mixed with a pint of a220

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Isn’t the airshow done over the water as well rather than at the airport? Also C919 on the hot bound

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its at the exhibition center yeah

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amazing photos - i wish i couldve attended, hopefully ill attend farnborough

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That’s is a good one

@skillissue, my great friend was at this!! here is a picture that he has

i would definitely not be able to go anyway cause i have to get from N.C. to singapore. i’m going to sand diego in april, so that’s my treat


I think all the planes left Singapore already

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