Shot before the inevitable

So, infinite flight on iOS likes to crash at any random time during your flight. For me and most others it occured minutes before touchdown.

In the morning I decided to perform an ultra long flight from OTHH - KJFK. It would take around 14 hours which the perfect time as I was working the entire day. Every hour or so during work I’d hop onto liveflight to see where I was. Once I got home, I started to prepare for my descent. Everything was going smoothly. I locked onto the runway 22R approach, flaps set, trim set, everything set for landing, I also had my speed brakes on to help with my speed. But right when I reach over to pop my gear down, the inevitable occured.

Nothing could stop it, It was always destined to occur. Infinite flight had decided to completely close when I was on short final. RIP to that landing which will now never occur.

Flight Details
  • Aircraft - Qatar airways A359
  • Cruise altitude - FL420
  • Cruise Speed - M0.85
  • Route - OTHH to KJFK
  • Flight time - 13 hours and 52 minutes.


RIP. I feel your pain but at the same time I don’t as Androids don’t crash. =P


I feel your pain, after a long flight, game decides to quit. Happened before, one of the worst feelings in the gaming world.


I feel your pain man, has happened to me so many times but hey, at least you got the flight time lol

Nice shot btw!


Oof. I feel you, man. Except, I just landed at Singapore ( in front of Laura; just putting that out there :) and my app crashed right after I exited the runway.


Nice picture though!

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Same happened to me. I think the servers need to be larger.

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Happened to me once after 16 hours from Dubai on final in Dallas. I accidentally closed out of the app it was so sad. Also, the same thing sorta happened to me last night. For my first a359 flight, I was doing KJFK-OTHH. When I woke up, my screen was dark, and my heart just like shattered lol. Upon replay review, somewhere close to Dublin, the app was disconnected for 36 seconds and then couldn’t reconnect, and the game crashed. Rip lol. However now I’m flying the a359 from SIN-LAX. All is well…
so far


I got to 30 minutes from SIN on TLS-SIN and then it went

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Again Androids dont crash so I can’t relate to your misery but I understand.

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Tragic. I know the feeling. It’s been happening more often recently it seems. I try to stick to 9-10 hour flights maximum now. Great photo!!

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I remember my first global flight. My 787 mysteriously disappeared over Pittsburgh and never made it to Newark.

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On a side note one of the features in the 19.4 update was “support for iOS 13” so I wonder if this means we’ll be seeing this happen less often? @schyllberg

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Was flying from Mumbai-Paris, unfortunately removed charger for more comfort during takeoff and forgot to put it back…

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I also have an android but it’s my main device. I only use it for short 1 - 2 hour flights. I’ve had no problems with it. My iPhone on the other hand…

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