Shortest Xcub takeoff

I was trying to fly an Xcub in 100 knots of wind and i wanted to see what happened. I first landed it with 100 knots of tailwind at 140 knots or so ground speed and you probably know how that turned out. So i tried taking off with 100 knots of headwind and the picture below shows you what happened.

(0 feet of runway needed)

Server: Solo flight

This was me on the ground with my parking break on.

This is me as soon as i put my flaps down to 46. From there I went straight up with 0 feet of runway.

Going up.

Still going up.

So that is what happens when you do a lot of headwind in a Xcub. I might try some other experiments with other planes in solo mode with strong winds to see what happens.

Thank you for reading this!


See ya in space


I should have seen how high i would have gone.


Cool! I have a friend that landed it using ~200ft of the beginning of a runway for the challenge ✌️


I’m doing it right now! It’s so cool.

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lol i managed to climb the xcub up to FL360… but maybe it can go higher at like FL600

We will see

Nice pictures :)

Have you ever flipped the X Cub on it’s back?

Thank you. I should try flipping it.

If done correctly it is funny. Haha ;)

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I will try

Did you try?

How high did you go?

52 feet or something. It’s fun when you set winds to 0

WoW that is rly cool I saw someone do that when I was younger and it absolutely blew my mind!

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Show us the inevitable aftermath, it is the Xcub after all.

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I will get some screenshots