Shortest Runway that Ryanair operates to?

I’ve always liked to fly to airports with short runways because of the pressure of just slowing down. But I also want to do this in IF, and since short runways result in Ryanair landings, what is the shortest runway (or one of the shortest) in Ryanair’s network. Hoping for the >5000 foot length.

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Hi there! After a bit of research, I’m pretty sure it would have to be Mykonos Airport (LGMK) with a runway length of 6,244 feet (1,903 meters).

However, Ryanair used to fly to Galway Airport (EICM) with a runway length of 4,230 feet (1289 meters). That destination has since been terminated.

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Thanks so much Luca!

Gotta one up you here for the existing destination

Ryanair flies to Skiathos, which has a 5,341 ft runway.


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