Shortest runway in the world

The shortest runway in the world is not Saba surprisingly, the shortest runway in the world is Simko Feild (1ID9) in Inkom Idaho, the runway’s length is only 400’ and it’s only 20’ wide, this runway would be really cool to fly on and challenge yourself with the xcub, if you thought that wasn’t challenge enough the altitude their is 5600’ and summer heat drives it up to 9000’ sometimes! I looked for this airport in IF and couldn’t find it, please add this it would be so much fun.

This is done by the airport editing team, which doesn’t take requests. Check out this thread for more info:

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Ohhhh mannn that kinda sucks but I understand🤦🏾‍♂️


This is done by IFAET and is not a feature request. You could join IFAET and make all the IF airports better if you want

I know, but coding is very difficult.

Did you happen to see this on an @Swiss video?

Also, please inquire this to IFAET, as stated above.

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I saw it on his video but I already knew about it.

Airport editing is not coding at all. It is more like painting by numbers, just copying satellite images. Time consuming, but not difficult.


Oh interesting, maybe I will join.

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How long does it take to join?

Browsing the web is just as quick if not simpler to find this sort of information than to have it built in app. Additionally, #features is not to be used to request for the addition of airports.