Shortest international scheduled flight

One thing passengers have to do without the short distance over the Lake Constance: time for Tomatensaft does not remain on the eight minutes flight between the Swiss St. Gallen-Altenrhein and Friedrichshafen. At least not in the air, because of course, in this bizarre case, the path to and from the runway takes longer than the actual flight. The Austrian company People’s Viennaline offers the route 20 kilometers between the two regional airports twice a day. By comparison, it takes about an hour by car. On Wednesday, the first flight started at 6:30 am in Switzerland and landed shortly afterwards on schedule in Friedrichshafen. Eight minutes flight time.
The airline currently has two aircraft: an Embraer 170 for up to 76 passengers and a leased Embraer ERJ 145 for up to 50 passengers. The smaller machine is used for the small bouncers across the lake: the costs for the short distance over Lake Constance are 50 Swiss francs or 40 Euro.

Source: Spiegel online


Actually, that isn’t the shortest one.

I’ve been on the worlds shortest flight, and it was Westray and Papa Westray, which are Two Orkney Islands. It takes about 47 seconds… :P


What aircraft?

Britten Norman Islander - BN-2 :)

Shortest International ! Papa Westray and Orkney, both belong to Scotland. That would be national if I am not mistaken. Gallen-Altenrhein (Switzerland) and Friedrichshafen (Germany) = International
… if I am not wrong

Oh, my bad, I kinda oversaw the word INTERnational. That makes it kinda crazy with 8 minutes…


Haha → “Spiegel-Leser wissen mehr”

Ja ! Nix Bild ! Spiegel !
But this was also to be read in our village newspaper this morning.

Das Video von dem Schottlandflug gesehen, ist ja echt kurz der Flug.

No problem !
Economically interesting, ecologically disastrous? Not everyone is enthusiastic about the short flight. The few minutes consisted mainly of take-off and landing - but this would disproportionately consume fuel and emit CO2.

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Maybe a cable car would be more environmentally friendly.

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ACTUALLY, I did the math. Because I have no life.

An hour with car would equal to approx. 80km. right?

For simplicity, let’s take the ERJ-145 which has the fewest passengers on that route (50 pax). So this is the least economic way.

80 km with an average petrol-fueled car would emit 0.01 tonnes of CO2e (Tonns of CO2 emitted) per person. That means that 50 people would emit 1 tonne of CO2 on that trip.

ACH - FDH with 50 pax would also emit 1 tonne of CO2. So you have the same route, shortened by 1/10, reducing the amount of traffic on the roads which also reduces CO2 emission…

Then you can take the same route with 75 pax. It actually pays off.

What do you think about it now? :P



Right! The consideration of you is correct!
The airline rejected the criticism. The flight is climate-neutral when “the 40,000 passengers (the goal)” are driven by the lake on the route by car "

Oh right, I didn’t even look at the route, nor why the route existed. Makes even more sense now! This is actually quite awesome, a route which no one would find especially significant actually helps the environment.


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Antigua - St Kitts B777-200

14 minutes wheels up to wheels on. Normally between 6000-8000’.
Not even worth pushing the A/P switch ;)

If KSAN-MMTJ was real…

@Mats_Edvin_Aaro it wasn’t a car but a cable car…xd…all ur math gone down the drain

Wow… 8min. Is very short. Why an embraer??

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Don’t be a wuss, just swim

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