Shortest International Flight in Infinite Flight

What is the International flight has anyone flown in Infinite Flight?


The shortest one I’ve ever done is probably from Copenhagen to Oslo.

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Hmmm… Tijuana to San Diego

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Anguilla – St. Maarten

Dubai - Muscat

the shortest one I can think of is Kinshasa - Brazzaville, it is operated by Air France for the Paris - Kinshasa route but it also stops over at Brazzaville which is just over the border of the DR Congo and the Republic of Congo before heading back to Paris
flight number is AF722 and flight time is 10-15 minutes


Liege to Maashrict (its operated by Qatar Cargo)

It’s like flying from JFK-EWR. The aircraft barely reaches 10000ft 6000ft.

Here’s a snippet of the most recent AF722 service between the cities.


Derry to Letterkenny haha! Technically international but it’s a touchy subject.

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From Heathrow to Schiphol with a 777 took me about 35 minutes

An actual passenger flight I represented was Air Canada’s Dash 8 service from Vancouver to Seattle. It’s about 20-25 minutes.

TJSJ-ST. Kitts

Istanbul-Varna is pretty short too. Around 250km, I think.

London Southend to Amsterdam, took 30 mins from take off to touch down

I’ve done St. Gallen to Friedrichshafen before. Took about 15 mins.

I’ve flown Westray to Papa Westray

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I tried that once and it ended with the plane diving into the ocean like it was racing a 50 meter butterfly.

what about VOTV-VRMM?

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India- Sri Lanka. Seems legit.

Bro India is a huge country