Shortest Flight Ever

What is the shortest flight you have ever done? And it has to be one that is also used in real life as a charter flight or something. Not trying to get this in Real World Aviation. Mine was TQPF-TNCM.

The shortest flight ever is Papa Westray to Westray. My flight time was 0:00:52


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My shortest flight was a flight in the Fiji islands, from one tiny island to another. Before we took off, someone yelled and called the dog in, which was wondering the field… The flight was something like 19 minutes.

Mines KGRR-KMDW, about 35 minutes long. It is a real Southwest Airlines flight.

I’ve done KIAD-KCHO in about 16 minutes

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I think the shortest “real” flight was KJFK to KPHL or KLAX to KSAN

I said real because I’m not that person who does KPSP to KLAX. ;)

My shortest commercial flight was KCLT to KGSO in the American CRJ900. It’s a pretty nice and easy flight if you want to get some quick landings in. It’s only 23 mins.

My shortest was actually the opposite, from Westray to Papa Westray I believe in the Cessna 208, my flight time was around 1 minute 12 seconds

Same, Westray-Papa Westray-Westray

Same with me.

KLAX-KSMO in a 747-8

Mine was KFSD-KMSP! Usually takes about 30 minutes

Does a planned 6 hour flight count if I had to turn around and land back at my departing airport because I forgot to load enough fuel? It was like 5-10 minutes in total.

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LFPG-EGLL in a A318 Air France.
About 30 mins. (taxi not included)
When flying above The Channel, it’s just beautiful!

For me, it was munich to frankfurt in a lufthansa CRJ-900

Defiantly KLAX - KPSP. Very scenic!!

KBFI-KRNT for me in a factory 737-900

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