Shortest flight A350

Can someone help me by telling me which is the shortest flight that the A350 operates? Since when they add it I want to release it with that route


For future reference, try googling stuff like this first as it generates a much quicker answer :)


I think it is going to be JAL’s new route since they plan to use it domestically

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That depends on which route they choose to fly Domestically. Now geographically, on a standard map, or looking at Japan on Google Earth, it may seems like the Island Nation is rather smal, but in reality has a similar size in terms of land area as Sweden, The UK, or Italy do. Japan stretches out quite a bit, whether you fly from East to West, or North to South or West to North.

JAL plans to launch their domestic traveling with their bran new A350 on Tokyo–Haneda - Fukuoka routes, which is today a roughly 1h 30min flight making this domestic flight still longer than the Singapore - Kula Lumpur route operated by Singapore Airlines as of today.

If JAL chooses to stay with the Haneda - Fukuoka route, then Singapore Airlines will still operate the shortest A350 route even when JAL begins service with their A350. Then in the future, if JAL or another airline for the matter opens a new route that is under 30mins, is left to see. So we may only wait and see if SQ will maintain the record of operating the shortest A350 route in the world or if that will be overtaken by another airline.


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