Shortest commercial flight with an A318!

I’ve finally decided to post some photos of my favourite real-life flight!

The route starts in Bucharest LROP, crosses the Carpathian Mountains and reaches Sibiu LRSB, within 40 minutes! Tarom operates 1x daily flight using a combination of AT42/A318 aircraft, also representing the shortest commercial flight in Romania!

The route I’ve used to fly the babybus, in a C14Y99 configuration is:
LROP ETUXA 4457N/2560E BUKEL PELUR 4538N/2505E EDETA SB272 SB271 ALOXU 4547N/2416E 4547N/2416E LRSB

Hope you enjoy!

Tarom’s A318 taking off runway 08R.

Banking direct BUKEL.

There are only fields surrounding Bucharest, beautifully represented by the HD scenery.

Reached cruise @FL220, with the tallest mountain peaks in Romania visible on the far left.

Secondary view, already descending after an approx 7 minute cruise.

Slight turn left and welcome to Transylvania!

Sibiu Airport handles about 700k pax per year, and it’s good for crosswind practice.

Last pic shows a smooth babybus landing. Thanks for watching!


Nice flight I will probably do this flight 👍👌😂


I don’t believe this livery is in IF? I assume you used a photo editing program?

That aside, great photos, and great editing.

It’s in IF it’s just one of the least used Liveries.

Awesome shots mate, keep it up.

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Very nice pictures! Love the landing picture :)


just saying favorite is spelled wrong

Favorite and favourite are different spellings of the same word. Favorite is the preferred spelling in the U.S., while favourite is preferred in all the other main varieties of English.


This livery has been in the sim for almost 4 years…


Huh… I don’t fly the A318 often.

If you’re talking about the last one, me too! I honestly wanted to keep it as my phone background only, but then I changed my mind and posted it.